СBP company — sells chemical reagents, raw materials, products and technical equipment for chemical and industrial enterprises.

It is convenient and fast to buy chemical reagents from CBP company – thanks to a proven supply chain, the presence of our own powerful warehouse complex and our own trucks, we do not experience import delays and problems with the storage of chemical products.

The range of products sold includes hundreds of names of chemical reagents, chemical materials and equipment, including:

  • chemical reagents of various degrees of purification;
  • raw materials for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry;
  • raw materials for the food industry;
  • industrial chemicals and dyes;
  • chemistry for the production of plastic products;
  • components for fiberglass materials;
  • We cooperate with various logistics companies in Turkey, Europe and Asia. We take a responsible approach to compliance with agreements with customers on delivery dates.
  • Thanks to our laboratory, as well as cooperation with leading manufacturers of solvents and other chemical products, we are responsible for the quality of the goods supplied.
  • Our company is located in the European Free Zone, for our partners there is no ban on the sale of raw materials, semi-finished products and industrial goods from the free zone to the domestic market.
  • Since sales from Turkey to the free zone are considered exports, companies in the free zone have an advantage in purchasing products at export prices, which are usually lower than domestic prices.
  • Goods produced in the free zone have the right to free circulation in the countries of the European Union, since Turkey is a member of the European Customs Union.
  • Transit and barter trade is possible in the free zone. The faulty goods can easily be returned to its origin. There is no time limitation in the free zone for keeping stock. These goods can be delivered to Turkey and abroad partially.